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Eventus 8 User's Guide for Our WRDS and Other Annual Unlimited User Subscriber Organizations
Now with Eventus 9 New Features Documentation
Current printable version. This link is restricted by IP address to organizations with an annual subscription license, including all Eventus for WRDS subscribers and some but not all Eventus 8 and 9 for Windows licensees. For off-campus access, you need to connect through your organization's network; we suggest going through a VPN provided by your organization or perhaps Windows Remote Desktop access to your office PC.

Eventus for WRDS users:
If you can't access the current printable version link from your organization's network, please submit a support request.

Eventus 9 for Windows includes a printable copy of the documentation that is installed on your PC along with the software. We recommend running Check for Eventus 9 Update at least once a month to keep both the software and the documentation up to date. For a limited time, authorized users of Eventus 8 for Windows also can install the latest edition of the printable User's Guide by selecting Check for Eventus 8 Update from the Start menu folder for Eventus. (In a few cases the menu item will read True Update instead of Check for....)

Eventus 8 User's Guide - Similar to Above But Not Printable from the Web
Standard Edition 2.1
Publicly readable, non-printable version

Features that were new in Eventus 8.0
Printable seven-page list of features in Eventus 8.0 (and still in Eventus 9.0) that were not in Eventus 7.0

Bonus for annual subscribers:
Directory of the CRSP U.S. Stock Database (reflecting data through December 2010)

   What you can do with the directory:

  • Look up PERMNO, CUSIP, dates listed, delisting information and other current data by company name
  • Alphabetized by name ignoring blanks
  • Look up trading history by PERMNO
  • Click on PERMNO in the listing by name to jump to the history by PERMNO
  • Click on successor PERMNO to jump to the acquiring company or other successor

EventStream Reference Guide (Revised March 2005)
Publicly readable, non-printable version

Eventus User's Guide, copyright 1989-2009 Cowan Research, L.C. The posting of the User's Guide on this site does not convey or imply the right to make copies other than the on-screen copy inherent in the act of viewing, nor to print, distribute, modify or sell the User's Guide except as stated above. Eventus is a proprietary software package and may not be used except by license.

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