EventStream is a SAS® for Windows application that helps researchers use the Thomson Financial Datastream database. EventStream provides the user with a simple yet flexible and powerful way to download equity security returns data, with corresponding Datastream Global Total Market index returns, prepare them for Eventus, and write the Eventus statements to analyze the data.

EventStream makes Eventus event studies with Datastream data far simpler and less time consuming.

Please note that EventStream software does not perform event study statistical calculations and is licensed only in conjunction with Eventus® software. EventStream works without Eventus to help you download, using Datastream’s DSWindows program, the Datastream equity returns and market index returns needed for an event study or many event studies. EventStream also builds Eventus-ready data sets and commands for the actual event study. EventStream and Eventus work together whether run on the same or different computers.

EventStream does not connect directly to Datastream nor does it come with a Datastream subscription or data. EventStream builds complete, ready-to-run DSWindows macros customized for the user’s data needs and post-processes the downloaded data. At present, EventStream doesn’t support Datastream access methods other than DSWindows. Specifically, EventStream does not work with an Excel add-in, Advance or any other Datastream software except DSWindows, which although quite an old version, still works reliably. Please make sure that you have DSWindows and are able to run it before purchasing an EventStream license.

EventStream software, and Eventus software for Windows, require The SAS System version 9.2 or 9.3 for Windows available to run on the same computer. Both EventStream and Eventus extend SAS and will not run without SAS. 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 7 and Vista and 32-bit Windows XP Pro are supported for Eventus for Windows and EventStream use. However, DSWindows (which doesn’t have to be on the same computer as EventStream or Eventus) requires 32-bit Windows 7, Vista or XP. Installation of DSWindows in Windows 7 may require manual configuration best done by someone with above-average technical knowledge of Windows.

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Thomson Financial Datastream is a product of Thomson Financial Corporation, which is in no way affiliated with Cowan Research LC. The SAS System is a product of SAS Institute Inc., which is in no way affiliated with Cowan Research LC.