Please visit our quote request page to obtain a quote from which to place an order. Prices are subject to change without advance notice, but our quotes lock in current prices for several weeks.

Eventus is licensed and not sold. The prices on this page are for educational institutions only. Only current employees or currently registered students may be permitted to use the software. All prices on this page are for users at one site, defined as a geographically contiguous campus of an educational institution or two or more such campuses less than 30 km (18 miles) apart. Multiple sites of the same organization ordering simultaneously may be eligible for a multi-site discount.

Explanation of Fee Options

Annual licenses allow unlimited users, with access to user support through and upgrades at no additional charge while the subscription is up to date. Perpetual licenses are available for the currently shipping version of Eventus for Windows only, for a one-time fee, with access to user support and within-version maintenance for 36 months. The perpetual license fee depends on the number of authorized users. This does not refer only to how many people may use the software simultaneously, but how many people are authorized to use it at any time. An authorized user who leaves the organization or permanently stops using the software may be replaced by another. Information technology staff need not be counted toward the authorized user limit if they do not use the software to obtain data or results except for software testing purposes. Research assistants and staff who use the software to obtain data and results for others count against the limit. Perpetual licenses do not include future versions. We may make interim upgrades with new features available exclusively to annual subscribers. Future revisions to our software to accommodate substantial technical changes, beyond routine updating, in third-party products (e.g. Windows, SAS, CRSP) may be unavailable to existing perpetual licensees except by purchasing a new license to the latest version. Annual licensees automatically have access to our latest versions during the paid license period.

Academic Prices

Fees in this table are for a single-site institution after the standard academic discount but before shipping, handling and activation charges and before any non-doctoral institution or institution size-related discount that may be applicable. The annual license fees are per year. Please inquire about multi-site discounts for universities with more than one site as defined near the top of this page. All amounts are in USD.

Maximum Fee Per Campus after Academic Discount but before Order Processing, Activation and Delivery Charge and before Potential Institution Size, Doctoral Status or Multi-Campus Discount

License Type


Eventus for Windows

Eventus for WRDS

Eventus for both WRDS and Windows

Eventus for Linux or Solaris
(Server at Licensee’s Site)

EventStream (Add to Eventus Annual License Price)

Annual  (fee is per year) No Limit $  4,200 Price on Request Price on Request Discontinued New licenses discontinued
Perpetual Single-Version (one-time fee) No Limit   15,000 Not available Not available Not available Not available
Perpetual Single-Version Up to 20   12,000 Not available Not available Not available Not available
Perpetual Single-Version Up to 10     8,000 Not available Not available Not available Not available
Perpetual Single-Version Up to 3     5,900 Not available Not available Not available Not available
Perpetual Single-Version 1     4,000 Not available Not available Not available Not available

Additional Discounts for Academic Institutions Based on Doctoral Status and Size

The discounts listed on this page are for general information only. We reserve the right to determine the institution category using any method we deem appropriate and to amend or withdraw the discount policy without notice. The best discount percentage below for which the institution is eligible, if any, reduces the relevant fee from the standard academic price table above.

Non-Profit Educational Institution Category as Determined by Licensor (Cowan Research LC) Discount on Eventus for Windows 3- 10-, or 20-User Single-Version (One-Time Fee) Licenses Discount on Eventus for Windows Unlimited-User Licenses (Annual and Single-Version)
Fewer than 10,000 total students institution wide; fewer than 300 total students in MBA and other business graduate programs combined; no doctoral degree in any discipline offered by the institution as a whole. All the criteria must be met simultaneously.
25% 40%
No doctoral degree offered in a business-related discipline (including economics) and fewer than 15,000 total students institution wide. Both criteria must be met.
20% 30%
Fewer than 20,000 total students institution wide.
15% 20%
Fewer than 30,000 total students institution wide. 10% 10%

Total students means full- and part-time counted equally.

Support Fees

Technical and user support are included as quoted. There are no support fees.

Additional Fees

We routinely cooperate with institutional vendor registration requirements and payment processes. If unusual effort is required, we may charge an additional fee.

If payment is made by wire transfer, our bank must receive the full invoiced amount. Sometimes a license purchaser’s bank needs to or chooses to send a wire transfer via an intermediary bank that deducts its own fee along the way. Such a fee is the responsibility of the purchaser. If such a deduction results in our receiving less than the invoiced amount, we will invoice for the shortfall plus $100.

The Fine Print

In a few U.S. jurisdictions we may need to collect sales tax, not included in the quote, if the ordering entity is subject to sales tax on software license purchases. We do not collect taxes for non-U.S. jurisdictions. All our operations are within the state of Iowa in the U.S.

The non-WRDS versions of all our products require licensees to make their own arrangements to license The SAS System, version 9.4 release TS1M5 or greater, 64-bit, which must be available to run on the same computer on which our software is to be installed. Research institutions typically have SAS Education Analytic Suite subscriptions, which cover all the components needed or recommended for our software. For organizations that may not have the full SAS subscription: at a minimum, Base SAS and SAS/STAT are required; SAS/GRAPH, SAS/ETS or SAS/IML may be required to use some features. The SAS importer for PC file formats, and SAS Enterprise Guide, are recommended for Windows because they are quite helpful in manually importing data from various file types into SAS for use with Eventus, but they are not required to run, and do not interact with, Eventus. The SAS System is a product of SAS Institute, Inc.  SAS site numbers do not usually change, but occasionally do. Single-version perpetual Eventus licenses are limited to use with up to two SAS site numbers associated with the same institution and specified at license purchase time. Annual Eventus subscribers may use our software with unlimited SAS site numbers belonging to the subscribing institution.

Should we elect to certify our compliance with a state anti-boycott law, our intent in doing so is to describe our current status, not to waive our constitutional right to choose not to do business with any particular foreign country based on its government’s policies.

We sell our software licenses directly only and are the sole source of Eventus. We do not work with resellers. We offer Eventus for Windows licenses for sale to selected countries only. Eventus for WRDS licenses are available for purchase by any institution with a current WRDS subscription. All our software is licensed and not sold.

This webpage is for general information and is subject to change without notice. In case of any conflict between this page and the formal quote document on which a purchase is based, the formal quote document governs.