Eventus 9.0 User’s Guide

Available soon; until then please use the Eventus 8.0 guide in conjunction with:
What’s New in Eventus 9.0

Eventus 8.0 User’s Guide

Directory of the CRSP US Stock Database
(for our annual subscribers only)

EventStream Reference Guide

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Eventus 8 User’s Guide for Our WRDS and Other Annual Unlimited User Subscriber Organizations — Now with Eventus 9 New Features Documentation

  • Current printable version.
    This link is restricted by IP address to organizations with an annual subscription license, including all Eventus for WRDS subscribers and some but not all Eventus 8 and 9 for Windows licensees. For off-campus access, you need to connect through your organization’s network; we suggest going through a VPN provided by your organization or perhaps Windows Remote Desktop access to your office PC.
  • Eventus for WRDS users: If you can’t access the current printable version link from your organization’s network, please submit a support request.

Eventus 8 User’s Guide – Similar to Above But Not Printable from the Web
Standard Edition 2.1

Publicly readable, non-printable version

Eventus 9 for Windows includes a printable copy of the documentation that is installed on your PC along with the software. We recommend running Check for Eventus 9 Update at least once a month to keep both the software and the documentation up to date. For a limited time, authorized users of Eventus 8 for Windows also can install the latest edition of the printable User’s Guide by selecting Check for Eventus 8 Update from the Start menu folder for Eventus. (In a few cases the menu item will read True Update instead of Check for….)

Features that were new in Eventus 8.0
Printable seven-page list of features in Eventus 8.0 (and still in Eventus 9.0) that were not in Eventus 7.0

Bonus for annual subscribers:
Directory of the CRSP U.S. Stock Database (reflecting data through December 2010)

What you can do with the directory:

  • Look up PERMNO, CUSIP, dates listed, delisting information and other current data by company name
  • Alphabetized by name ignoring blanks
  • Look up trading history by PERMNO
  • Click on PERMNO in the listing by name to jump to the history by PERMNO
  • Click on successor PERMNO to jump to the acquiring company or other successor

EventStream Reference Guide (Revised March 2005)
Publicly readable, non-printable version

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