Eventus runs in The SAS System to allow users to combine the statistical and data-handling power of SAS with event study methods. Users don’t need to know SAS programming or macros to start being productive. An Eventus program consists of a few simple but customizable statements. Options allow users to tailor data input, estimation and statistical testing. Every Eventus program is also a SAS program and can create SAS data sets containing specific types of results. Eventus does not interfere with users’ use of other SAS features.

Licensing Eventus to run on your own computer systems

Currently shipping releases of Eventus and EventStream run under 32-bit or 64-bit SAS 9.3. Basic operation requires only base SAS and SAS/STAT, components of nearly everyone’s SAS installation. SAS/IML is recommended. A few Eventus event study options require SAS/ETS or SAS/GRAPH. The SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC File Formats and SAS Enterprise Guide 5.0 or greater are recommended for importing data into SAS files that Eventus and EventStream can use, but not required to run Eventus or EventStream. Eventus does not run within Enterprise Guide at this time.

SAS is licensed and distributed only by SAS Institute Inc. Prospective Eventus licensees are responsible for arranging their own SAS licenses. Many colleges, universities, government agencies, corporations and other organizations already have SAS licenses, and it is common for the licenses to include all the SAS products mentioned above, but check with the office that handles SAS licensing at your organization to be sure.

Eventus runs within SAS on computers that use the following operating system types: 64-bit Windows 7 and Vista PCs, 32-bit Windows 7, Vista and XP PCs. Support for 64-bit Linux servers and 64-bit Solaris servers may be available on request. Windows 8 will be supported upon or soon after release for licensees with active support rights. Eventus versions for each operating system type (e.g. Windows versus Linux) are licensed separately. All require SAS running on the same system; Eventus and EventStream for your own computer or server don’t run outside of SAS.

Licensing Eventus for WRDS

Eventus software is available on the Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) system. Usage of Eventus through WRDS requires a separate subscription to Eventus for WRDS from Cowan Research LC, as well as a subscription to WRDS itself from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School.
There are three ways to run Eventus for WRDS: through the web interface that WRDS provides for organizations subscribing to Eventus for WRDS, through the Unix shell (signing in to the WRDS Unix server and submitting Eventus programs to SAS from the Unix command line), and by remote submission from PC SAS (where program execution occurs on the WRDS server but the user interacts with SAS for Windows instead of a web browser or a Unix command line).

The first two methods above don’t require SAS on your organization’s end at all; they use only SAS on the WRDS server, which is part of the basic WRDS subscription with or without an Eventus subscription. The third method, remote submission, does require SAS on the PC, but doesn’t require the Windows version of Eventus, nor does it require a particular version of PC SAS provided the SAS/Connect component is installed. When using the remote submission method, the remotely submitted Eventus program runs on the WRDS server and returns results to PC SAS.